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Financial Advisory Services
As a special benefit to my high asset clients, I offer free consulting and referral services for any financial decision including:
Planning for retirement
Financing a college education
Financing a home purchase
Life, long-term care & disability insurance
Trust & estate planning
Income tax

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Client Services

As principal and owner of Scott Value Investing, I have dedicated my professional life to perfecting the art of selecting and managing financial investments. My intent is to be a value investment professional while protecting capital and respecting the values, objectives and life situations of my clients. 

I service clients who are long-term investors and prefer to retain their wealth rather then risk it on seeking a short-term gain. For income investors, I create a portfolio that provides a good income. For growth investors, my intent is to grow  your wealth over the next ten years and beyond with less risk than the stock market as a whole. I create investment accounts that match my clients’ life goals, risk tolerance and social and personal values. I construct and maintain portfolios of stocks and fixed income investments that incur reduced risk and grow faster than the market over the long term.

Most of my existing clients built their wealth with normal incomes. They had the discipline and the foresight to save. My clients rely on me to protect their capital since, in most cases, their assets under my management are or will be the dominant source of income during retirement.

My fees are based on your consolidated total of assets under my management.

My services include:

Assessment of Goals Together we create an agreement based on your financial goals, time horizons, risk profile and tolerance, and personal and family needs. This agreement guides your investments under Scott Value Investing management.

Asset Allocation Using our agreement and a value investing approach, I create an investment portfolio of stocks and, when appropriate, fixed income investments.

Monthly Statements You will receive a brokerage statement, which compares the performance of your investments against a benchmark based on your assets.

Quarterly Performance Reports For brokerage accounts over $25,000 I provide  performance reports quarterly.  All clients receive a quarterly letter discussing such items as the stock market, the economy and recent changes to investment portfolios.

Scott Investment Style I have created an investment style using value investing principles, including those of Warren Buffett, to analyze financial data, industry characteristics and management performance for determining a company’s intrinsic value and setting buying and selling targets. My service works best with an investment portfolio of $150,000 or more. Several accounts from one family may be used to aggregate this amount.

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